Sights and programs

If requested, we can organize BIKE TOURS for our guests, with a qualified tour guide, with pro bikes and even E-bike possibility!


After the tour, relax in the pool or in the jacuzzi. Ask for a quote for a bike tour or if you want to cycle individually, check the bottom of the page to see what bike tours are available in the area!

Painting fun at the guest house or at the village fishing lake


Landscape painting workshop step by step. Zsófi Posta, a teacher of visual culture, creative designer and graphic designer, will hold the workshops and will give you guidelines on how to use colours and brushes. 


Completing a painting is about a 3-hour process, with all the necessary equipment provided at our guesthouse in Egeraracsa or at the village fishing lake. Get creative while on holiday!


Ask for an offer for the painting workshop.

Egeraracsa is between Zalakaros and Kehidakustány and is about a mile away from Lake Kis-Balaton.


Keszthely is 15 miles away from Egeraracsa. The Festetics Castle became the symbol of the city. It is the third biggest and best-restored castle in the country, which can be visited even at night during summertime.

A classical music concert in the Mirror Room or an open-air theatre play under the centuries-old trees could be a pleasant way to end the day. It is nice to have a cup of espresso on the terrace of a coffee shop on the walking street that is located between the castle and Main Square.

There are plenty of programmes to choose from. The walking street is often the location of festivals (from Spring to Autumn) that are held by the Lake Balaton Congressional Centre and Theatre.


For people who would like to spend their sightseeing peacefully, it might be a great idea to take a walk under the plane trees in the Helikon Park. Moreover, the “city of museums” offers a lot of historical and artistic sights to visit. 

Zalakaros is a fifteen-minute drive from our guest house, it is one of the smallest cities in Hungary, which is known for its baths (thermal and spa). Zalakaros is very close to Lake Kis-Balaton. 


Kehidakustány is also a fifteen-minute drive from the guest house, which is also known for its thermal water. The history of the thermal bath resembles the history of the other thermal baths in the neighbourhood, but people were not looking for oil, but for drinking water. In the end, the thermal water came to the surface. 

Hévíz has the world’s biggest thermal lake in which people can relax in this unique green area. 

Lake Kis-Balaton and the Egeraracsa Fishing Lake gives home to various species, we recommend it for people who would like to go fishing or take photos.

Cycle paths in the area:


  1. Around Lake Kis-Balaton – 27 miles (44km):

    Egeraracsa – Zalaszabar – Nagyrada – Garabonc – Zalakaros- Zalakomár – bivalyrezervátum (buffalo reservation) – Balatonmagyaród – Kányavári-sziget (Kányavári Island) – Zalavár –Egeraracsa- Keszthely irányába

  2. To Keszthely:


    Egeraracsa – Kis-Balaton Bemutatóház – Szentgyörgyvár – Alsópáhok – Hévíz – Keszthely – Balatonberény – Vörs – Kápolnapusztai Bivalyrezervátum – Balatonmagyaród – Balatonhídvég – Kis-Balaton Bemutatóház – Egeraracsa

  1. To Hévíz: 

    Egeraracsa – Kis-Balaton Bemutatóház – Zala töltés – Szentgyörgyvár – Alsópáhok – Hévíz – Nemesboldogasszonyfa – Sármellék – Zalavár – Kis-Balaton Bemutatóház – Egeraracsa

  1. To the hills of Somogy:


    Zalakaros – Galambok – Zalaszentjakab – Miháld – Pat – Inke – Iharosberény –Nagykanizsa – Nagyrécse – Galambok – Zalakaros 

The theme park in Zalaszabar is an amazing adventure for families: 

Wine-growing region: 

For wine lovers who would like to taste delicious wines and have a gourmet dinner with a breath-taking view, we recommend the Wine Estate of Kányavár in Zalaszabar. 

The Lake Kis-Balaton Visitor Centre is a mile (2km) away from the house, it presents Lake Kis-Balaton as an outstanding water habitat. 

The Buddhist Stupa, which is a special experience, is located in Zalaszántó. 


Programs in the area:

Kápolnapuszta Buffalo Reserve, Lake Kis-Balaton


Hungary’s largest herd of buffalo that can be visited, picnic area, exhibition, story-telling walkway. Located in Kápolnapuszta, near Zalakomár.


We think the best restaurant nearby:
In Zalacsány, Vadászcsárda

The closest to the house: Sasha Kis-Balaton Restaurant
Zöld Elefánt restaurant, Zalaapáti




Local grocery store: Fő utca 1


Opening hours: 

Monday: 6.15 – 10.45 and 14.00 – 16.00
Tuesday: 6.15 – 10.45
Wednesday: 6.15 – 10.45 and 14.00 – 16.00
Thursday: 6.15 – 10.45 and 14.00 – 16.00
Friday: 6.15 – 10.45 and 14.00 – 16.00
Saturday: 6.15 – 10.45
Sunday: CLOSED


There is a Despar (groceries) and a pharmacy in Pacsa, in Zalaapáti a CBA (groceries) and a pharmacy, tobacco shop in Zalaszabar and Pacsa.